Portable and Disposable Instant Heat Hot Packs for Emergency Therapy

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Size, length, color, material, shape can be customized.

Heat continues to be a crucial agent in healing. This old remedy just got a better way of administration with our PrimaCare instant heat packs. This hot packs form an essential part of any emergency kit whether for use at home, when outdoors or even in your car when traveling. Our emergency heat packs are easy to use and you will not require any medical background to put them to use. Simply squeeze with your fingers and press against the target area of the body where you would like the heat therapy applied and see positive relief in a short while. We make these disposable instant heating packs to be one-time use for more convenience when treating several victims of an accident. The portable medical heat packs also come with a non-woven cover that makes it easier to handle them when offering the heat therapy to an accident victim. These medical grade heat packs are suitable for use on multiple types of pain that the body experiences. You will be able to carry them hassle-free in your back pack or several pieces in your pocket.

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LIGHT WEIGHT - Senwo instant hot pack is a must-have in any first aid kits or EMT trauma bags. The lightweight and compact packaging allows you to store several packs in your emergency bags.

INSTANT RELIEF - Our instant hot packs offer you instant heat therapy to help you address body pain. This handheld heat packs will come in handy whenever you need to give yourself or any victim heat therapy and there is no alternative source of heat in the area. This instant emergency disposable heat therapy pack uses a chemical reaction to increase its temperature. No need to heat them up before use. Just activate the pack and apply it to the desired area.

SUPER EASY TO USE - These medical grade heat packs are easy to use and do not require any medical qualifications to use. Simply place them on the target area to offer the heat therapy. We also design them to allow you to handle them with ease.

PORTABLE - Our instant heat packs can be a perfect traveling accessory for all your travels. Whether you plan to go hiking, camping, trekking, or anywhere outdoors- you can use our heating packs for emergency warming up.

MULTIPURPOSE - These emergency medical heat packs will serve you well for multiple types of pain whether it is joint pain, back pain, menstrual cramps, or even neck pain, but these heat packs work on that area and experience relief. Remains flexible, comfortably contours to painful areas.

Be Careful:

HOW TO USE - These handy heat packs do not require any advanced preparation or complicated storage. You can enjoy their benefits in seconds whenever you need them.
Follow these easy steps:
1. Find the two arrows marked in front of the packaging.
2. Place your hands on each arrow and squeeze to activate the heat. The chemical bags inside the pack will burst and their chemical reaction increases the pack's temperature.
3. Once activated, apply the heat pack to the affected area.
4. Dispose of the pack after one use.
5. Use before expiration date.

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Portable and Disposable Instant Heat5


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