Senwo Portable Reusable Instant Click Warm Heat Hot Cold Gel Pack

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Size, length, color, material, shape can be customized.
Hot Gel Pack Reusable Heat Pads with Metal Disc for One Click Heating – Pain-Relieving, Instant Hot Packs for Back, Neck, Palm, and Shoulder.
Sport & Back Hot Pack – Pain Relief, Reusable for Neck, Shoulders & Joint Pain, Ease to Use, Click to Activate, Advanced Hot Therapy – Muscle Recovery, for Knee, Cramps, Post & Pre Workout.

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Click Warm Gel Pads utilize a unique technology that allows you to get an Instant Heat Pack without needing to microwave the pads. With its integrated metal disc, you will have a soothing Hot Pad in a matter of seconds with just a single snap.

PAIN RELIEF You can use them to relieve joint and muscle pains, tendonitis, arthritis, sports injuries, menstrual cramps, and more.

VERSATILE HAND WARMERS - Not just they keep your hands warm, but these Snap Hand Warmers also provide instant pain relief for your aching knee, elbow, shoulder, wrist, thigh, neck, and abdomen. These heat pads are soft and bendable - easy to conform in complex areas.

100% SAFE AND REUSABLE - This One-Click Heat Pack is constructed from premium quality plastic that effectively retains heat and is resistant to wear and tear. It lays softly on the body without slipping – all thanks to its textured finish! To reuse, boil for 20 minutes and let cool.

PLEASURE GIFT: Give the gift of relaxation with this body comfort pack. Suitable for men or women this click heating pad can be used repeatedly, when recovering from pain or when in need of personal quality time.

COLD THERAPY: Cold penetrates further into the tissues as cold slows circulation, helping to maintain effectiveness of the area being treated. Pain decreases and muscle spasms relax. cold makes the veins in the tissue contract, reducing circulation and swelling.

HOW COLD THERAPY WORKS: Once cold is removed, the veins overcompensate and di-late, blood rushes into the area. The blood brings with it the necessary nutrients to allow the injured muscles, ligaments and /or tendons to heal.

FOR ACHES AND PAINS: Aches, pains, joints, arthritis, sports injuries, sore muscles, tendonitis, menstrual cramps, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, providing soothing relief.

EASY TO USE AND REUSE: Can be placed in the refrigerator for cold therapy. Do not put in freezer. For heat, simply flex the internal disc and within 3 seconds - you have instant heat up to 130 degrees. After it cools, boil it in water for 15 minutes, let cool, and it's ready to be used again.

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Reusable Instant Click6
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Senwo's product now used in over 35 million households and more than 80 countries throughout the world.
A specialist, China in-house design team are constantly striving to add new items to the company's ever-evolving product portfolio to satisfy the demands of the savvy, modern-day consumer.

SENWO Brand Concept: We Care Like Family.
We are committed to helping you build a life of comfort and success. We offer modern solutions that are designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine and unique lifestyle.
Our premium personal care products are created using carefully selected materials that should keep up with your distinctive needs and preferences. We are more than just a brand — we care like family.

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