SenWo Customize Printed Wine Cooler Ice For Bottle Gel Pack Cooling Gel Cold Pack Wine Bottle

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Chills drinks within 5 minutes and keeps it cold for hours! No need for an ice bucket!

Just place the in the freezer for 6 hours to activite the cooling gel. When frozen, slide the cooler onto the bottle for perfectly chilled drinks in 5 minutes! Contains 1 Rapid Ice Wine cooler and 1 Rapid Ice Champagne Cooler.

Designed to fit any standard-size wine and champagne bottle.

The lightweight fold flat design allows for easy storage and allows you take it to parties, picnics, barbeques and so much more!

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For cool beverage: put the pack into freezer to be refrigerated for half an hour before taking out for use.

For warm beverage:place the pack into a container filled with water, then put the container in a microwave oven to be heat for 100 seconds for each time and for 60 seconds if want to be used continuously.


● Manufactory supplier.
● Strict raw material choose.
● Reasonable price.
● Can be partial or full printing.
● Can add buyer's logo for promotion.
● Shakeproof, keep beer/drink/wine cool.
● Hand washable--Easy to clean after use.


If eye or skin contacts the content, it must be washed by clean water thoroughly.
If one eats the content by mistake, gargle with enough water, and try his best to vomit it and turn to doctor if necessary.

● This product can either be used for cool and warm beverage with a simple usage.
The bag remains soft even in 18C condition, and can be repeatedly used alternatively for hot and cold.
● Non-toxic, Non-caustic.

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