Customize Flax Seed Physiotherapy Health Heating Pad For Neck And Shoulder Microwavable Custom Hot Seller Health Care Supplies

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Extra Large Heat Pad for Pain Relief Heating pad reaches ideal temperature in seconds, delivers a stream of heat to the affected area, quickly relief the pain of waist, shoulder, neck, knees, abdomen and legs, unbearable cramps, post-surgery and discomfort.

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Fast heating pad can be used for moist heat therapy. moist heating pad provides deep penetrating for more effective relief, Protect the body from poor blood circulation, arthritis, cold uterus and cold weather. Just spray a fine mist on the pad surface, then you can enjoy a high level.

Ultra-Soft Flannel Big hot heating pad, offering full and snug coverage, Flexible microplush adapts to your body shape for maximum effect.Super soft flannel are elegant in texture and soft to the touch,very skin friendly.

Fast Pain Relief The microwave heating pad is perfect for neck, shoulders and back pain relief. Heat it to stimulate blood circulation, while soothing stiffness and soreness.

100%Natural & long-lasting heatThe neck heating pad is filled with natural millets, flaxseeds, and clay beads, retaining heat and moisture longer for relaxation.

Ergonomics Design The heat pack is perfect for the neck and shoulders. With two handles, makes it flexible for any body parts. Also, the weight of the filling will put gentle pressure on the target area, and help you relieve the discomfort.

Soft & Durable The heated neck wrap is made of skin-friendly polar fleece. It can withstand high temperatures and heat preservation. Durable enough to stand up for frequent use.

Flax Seed Physiotherapy Health Heating Pad For Neck And Shoulder
Long Heating pad for Neck and Shoulders Back microwavable Large Moist Heat Pack Warm hot Compress Neck wrap Weighted Bag Massage Reusable Herbal Nature Calming Portable.
Microwave Heating Pad with Natural Therapy: Filled with flaxseed, millets, and clay beads, our microwavable heating pads help efficiently to relieve joints pain, cramps, tight muscles, swelling, arthritis, knee pain, and inflammation by delivering soothing, penetrating heat to targeted areas.

Microwavable Custom Hot Seller Health Care Supplies Pain Relief Hot Cold Compress

Logo, material, size, shape and private packaging can be customized. Packing information
Carton size:46*36*20cm
HOT use: Microwave it on a clean, empty microwave safe dish for 30 seconds. Do not leave it unattended while heating. Always
touch-test by shifting contents to check for hot spots before use. If higher heat is required, continue microwaving in 15 seconds
intervals - repeat above. Do not exceed 1 minutes total heating time.
COLD use: It can also be chilled in the freezer. To use cold, place in plastic bag and place in freezer overnight. Consult your physician before use if any medical conditions exist. Do not use convection function on your microwave. For your safety, do not overheat and note that microwave heating times will vary. (Optional)
Can help with inflammation, tension headaches, sinus pain and stress relief. It is the ideal reusable headache relief cap for men

OEM Natural adjustable moist warming compresses
Microwaveable Heating Pad Heated Wrap Hot Pack with Moist Heat.

SAFE, EFFECTIVE RELIEF ULTRA FLEXIBLE: Our microwaveable neck heating pad and shoulder heating pad, or back heating pad wrap heats up quickly and easily molds itself into each and every part of your body to provide soothing, comforting relief. Our microwave head pad features an ideal weight that helps hold it in place to deliver gentle and effective heat therapy pressure.

FIGHT INDOOR COLD: Say goodbye to cold offices or homes and say hello to the warmth provided by our microwavable moist neck.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Each hot therapy heating pad is made right here in the USA using the finest materials available. Our hot microwaveable heat wrap for neck and shoulder features a super soft fleece on one side that gently hugs your skin and provides you with moist warmth while the cotton on the other side of the shoulder pads can be used for extra heat retention.

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