Large Gel Beads Ice Pack & Microwavable Heating Pad for Neck Shoulder Upper Back Pain Relief – Reusable Weighted Cold Pack for Injuries – Hot & Cold Compress Therapy for Swelling, Bruises, Surgery

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Large Coverage & Comfort Fit Design – The large gel coverage with ergonomics design perfectly contours to the shape of your neck, shoulder, upper back and chest for the most comfortable fit and maximum relief. Microwavable heating pad for neck shoulders and back featured with high collar and wide shoulder filled with weighted gel to provide pressure for deep tissue stimulation. Injuries.

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Size, length, color, material, shape can be customized

Hands-free & Use Anywhere - With long, weighted chest cover balance the back to prevent sliding, secure around neck and shoulder, and hands-free application thanks to the 2 adjustable snap fasteners on the front, all this keeps it in place and free your hand. So it can be used sitting, lying, standing, even walking, great for home use or whenever and wherever you need.

Reversible Ice Pack -

Nylon Cover: The Durable nylon cover offers a stronger and colder treatment effect.

Soft Plush Side: The soft plush side is handy to apply without a towel wrapping, it helps us gradually adapt to the cold and avoid condensation water dripping from cooling.

Versatile & Hands-free Application-

Adjustable two straps make this ice pack for a universal fit for hands-free application and a full range of movement.

It can be used sitting, standing, or lying down, making it great for home use.

The reversible design can be used for right and left shoulders, it is true to size, comfortable and heavy-duty. Besides applied on the shoulders, it can be applied on the lower back, leg, or any other part.

Adjustable elastic velcro straps

Flexible Fit & Reusable of Shoulder Ice Pack Cold Therapy-

This shoulder brace stays smooth and pliable when frozen, feel free to store in the freezer with the plastic bag included so that it is ready to use. 

pay attention to

Cold application: Cold therapy is recommended for the first 48 hours after injury. Store the gel pack in freezer for at least 4 hours. Leave in the freezer for grab-and-go use.

Cold application can reduce inflammation around the area of injury. Help numb the area of pain, creating an analgesic effect. Reduce swelling after injury or trauma.

Instructions: Do not apply chilled or microwaved gel pack directly to skin. Use interface between the product and skin.

Apply the ice or gel pack for about 10 to 20 minutes several times a day. Check your skin often for sensation while using cold therapy. This will help make sure you aren't damaging the tissues. Stop applying ice if you lose feeling on the skin where you are applying it. If cold therapy doesn't help your pain go away, contact your healthcare provider.


SENWO Brand Concept: We aim to help people out of despair from suffering body pains, always adheres to producing high-quality products with fresh designs.

The full product lines of SENWO included Microwavable Heated Wrap and Ice Pack for Injuries Reusable, we are committed to relieving your fatigue and tiredness to keep your muscles relaxed.

We are committed to delivering quality products to our customers with ultra care and reliable after-sales services.

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