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Neck Cooling Tube Wearable Cooling Neck Wraps for Summer Heat I Cold Gel Ice Pack | Reusable Neck Cooler Commute and Outdoor Activities | Relief for Hot Flashes or Fever The filling material of neck cooler is engineered phase change material (PCM). Both inorganic PCM and organic PCM have been used in this application product. Bio based normal paraffin PCM and bio based PCM are used as organic PCMs. A easy way to differentiate PCM type is by their density. Inorganic has a bigger density around 1.4 while 0.77~0.78 for normal paraffin pcms and 0.82~0.84 for bio based pcms.

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There is no simple answer for this question. It depends on the applications and purpose and quality the client wants. Inorganic PCM has a good thermal conductivity but a short service life and it is very cheap. Organic PCMs are expensive in generally and especially for bio based normal paraffin which is best in its quality.
The inventor originally utilize bio based normal paraffin (Hexadecane for PCM18, Octadecane for PCM28) in his design. While at the moment, all kinds of PCMs are used in the market because the end user is lack of knowledge to choose the right PCMs. For example: by normal paraffin PCM, there is no "big hole" problem as other types of organic PCMs experienced.

PCM are not 100% pure in its ingredient, the foreign ingredient has smaller molecular than TPU, so they penetrate the film and hence it looks like sweating or white crystal after its duty cycle.

First of all, SenWo use high quality TPU with "zero leakage" film. Second, SenWo supplies bio based normal paraffin PCM but also bio based PCMs, so the client’s are to choose what they want. SenWo’s bio based normal paraffin are widely used in industry worldwide and by some world-famous companies. The PCM are ex tracted by renewable green resource and their latent of heat is over 220j/g in average which guarantee the neck cooler’s high performance.

Neck Cooling Wrap MSDS Certificate of Content
This PCM gel freezes faster and lasts longer than water! (Only 10 minutes in iced water and 20 minutes in freezer, or AC air!)
No battery needed! No charger needed! Freezing starts ANYWHERE below 18°C (64°F). Simply place this neck cooling tube into iced water. No ice around you? No worries! It freezes using any AC! Car AC, Office AC, Home AC, ice box, refrigerator, freezer.

Enjoy cool time for 40 minutes up to 2 hours. Cold holding time varies depending on the external environment. No risks of skin necrosis or frostbite through cooling by maintaining an optimal cooling temperature.
Automatically cooled to a temperature below 18℃.
Freezes in air conditioner or cold water from the water purifier.
PCM MSDS BIOTEC TPU REPORT TPU Film Test Report TPU Particle MSDS Ice Collar Performance Test
Yellow, White, Red, Blue, Green, custom, White it can maintain a comfortable temperature of 18 degree centigrade; Putting it in the refrigerator will have a better effect, bringing more to your summer cool.
Reusable and Reliable: the wearable cool wraps for neck can be applied again after being melted and frozen again, it can be kept cold for about 90 minutes according to the external environment; Put it in the freezer or ice water for a short period of time, it will reach a certain low temperature.
OPP bag, Packed in cartons.
OEM Brand.
No worry about skin necrosis by maintaining optimal cooling temperature. No Condensation and Moisture on the tube surface.

PCM Temperature change 35 degrees 125mm/100mm
Surround the Entire Neck: the curved design of the cooling band fits the neck nicely, effectively cooling the neck and shoulders, which can bring you a comfortable and cool experience.
Suitable Size: the size of the neck cooling tube is about 18 cm/ 7.1 inches, which is suitable for the neck size of most people; There is a risk of rupture, so please pay attention to protection, keep away from pointed objects.
Body Cooling Wrap wearable on neck. Patent technology designed comfortable and fit around the neck. Use Special German refrigerant that freezes below 18°C (64°F). It freezes faster than water!
Reusable repeatedly long time. Ergonomic design and Eco-friendly TPU material.
Enjoy cooling time for around 40 minutes.
Usages: All Outdoors Sports& Activities:Hiking, Golf, Fishing, Gym, Fitness, Spectator, Gallery. *Workers in hot Weather: Cook, Soldiers, Students, Field Worker, Gardening, Farmer. *Relief for Hot Flashes or Fever. Usable even for Dogs & Cats!

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