Customize Full Back Ice Pack for Injuries Reusable Large Gel Ice Wrap for Back Pain Relief from Swelling, Bruises & Sprains by Cold Compression Therapy, XXL

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Greater Coverage Back Ice Pack for Maximum Pain Relief- The cold wrap is newly designed with a soft plush side that is handy to apply without a towel wrapping. The plush cover helps gradually adapt to the cold and avoid condensation water dripping from cooling.

Extra large size 13″x21″ is for full-back, also works well on the neck and shoulders. Two Elastic straps make this large gel ice pack stays in place and offer effective cold therapy to soothe injured muscles, joints, and tissues.

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Flexible, Effective & Long-lasting Full Back Ice Pack-large ice packs for back are filled with lower ice point gel(-13℉) which can stay smooth and pliable when frozen, and it is 30% more than others, so this cold pack can stay cold up to two times as long for better-alleviating pain around muscles, joints, and tendons on your injured area. Help with chronic back pain, muscle spasms, inflammation of soft tissue, rotator cuff injuries, sciatica pain relief, and more.

Versatile & Hands-free Application of Cold Therapy- Two elastic straps ensure the gel ice pack to be secured around the injured area for hands-free application and a full range of movement. It can be used sitting, standing, or lying down, making it great for home use, and effective to soothe aches and pain. Besides applied on the back, it can be applied on arms, leg, or any other part. The elastic straps are removable, you can remove the straps when you lie down to use the ice pack.

Fabulous Quality & Reusable Ice Pack- This extra-large ice pack for back pain relief is filled with 1650g gel. Thanks to the lower ice point gel, you can adjust the gel to the affected area where you need coldness more. The wide sealed edge and extra-thick nylon cover are reliable to reuse without worrying about gel leakage. Store the cold pack in the freezer with the plastic bag included so that it is ready to use. Having a ice pack around is every family's choice..

Large Ice Pack for Back Injuries Reusable, 21"x13" Gel Back Ice Packs Wrap for Back Pain Relief, Swelling, Bruises & Sprains, Cold Compress Therapy XXL

13 x 21''
Full Back Treatment: Herniated Disc, Sciatica, Back Pain

Calf & Shin: Achilles Tendinitis, Muscle Strain, Muscle Cramp

The soft plush side is handy to apply without a towel wrapping, it helps us gradually adapt to the cold and avoid condensation water dripping from cooling.

The durable nylon cover offers a stronger and colder treatment effect.

Extra thick nylon exterior with a double-sealed edge, soft and smooth edge to prevent gel leakage and skin scratch.

Extra Large Ice Pack for Injuries Reusable, Back Ice Pack for Lower Back Pain Relief, Back Surgery Recovery, Swellings, Gel Ice Pack for Back

Versatile & ANTI-SLIP Ice Pack ice pack for back is bendable to conform to the area you need it, such as neck, shoulder, arm, back, leg and ankle. Soft enough even frozen, stay long-lasting coldness. 2 long elastic straps (39 in) with velcro fastener are convenient to strap on, ongoing use design is pliable to apply the back ice pack and stay in place, avoid slip off, easy to apply cold therapy at home.

TWO-LEVELS OF COLDNESS - Extra large ice pack for back of two-sided fabric provides two levels of cold enjoying. The soft cotton velour generates soothing cold, help you adapt the cold gradually, then avoid cold injury and water-dripping. The nylon fabric is water-proof and provide intense chill, strong enough to penetrate your skin and promote recovery after injury. Cold compression help you relieve sprained lumbar, tendonitis, knee tear tendon injury and post surgery recovery.

DURABLE & LEAK PROOF reusable large ice wrap is made from high-quality gel. Well-made edge seam technology and durable fabric keep the reusable ice pack leak resistant. Freeze the full back ice wrap for at least 2 hours and enjoy a 20 min cold therapy at a time in case of getting frostbite. A water-proof bag we bonus for odor-resistant in freezer, keep the lower back cold pack clean and portable to take outside.

 Large Ice Pack for Shoulder and Back Injuries Reusable Gel Ice Wrap for Full Back Pain Relief and Swelling from Injury and Surgery, Soft Plush Lining, Flexible and Long Lasting

LARGE BUT FLEXIBLE - Suitable weight is convenient to use without any extra bulk. The ice pack for back pain relief is easy to adjust and carry, providing a great balance between coldness and comfort. Lightweight cold mat prevents causing second injury because of the heavy weight. 13x21 inches rectangle large ice pack is large and flexible to drape it over on any part of your body for applying cold compression.

Flexible, Effective & Long-lasting - Filled with 30% more (-13℉) ice point gel than other, cold pack stay smooth and pliable when frozen & stay cold up to two times as long for better cold therapy. No gel leakage problem with a wide sealed edge and extra-thick nylon cover. Store the ice pack wrap in the freezer with the plastic bag included so that it is ready to use.

Fully Guaranteed & Fabulous Quality: reusable ice packs for back are Ideal Relaxing Gifts for your Loves & Friends. Please feel free to reach us if you have any problems with our gel ice pad.

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